Itinera Project


L' Istituto Internazionale di Elicicoltura in Tour

The Cherasco Institute in collaboration with the snail farms belonging to the Heliciculturers National Association, organizes free information days in the italian regions during which are given all the technical, managerial, commercial and bureaucratic information as well as the visit of an operative snail farm.

An important meeting to get all the useful information to open the business as well as a useful opportunity to compare with the professionals of the sector.

During the information day it is possible to deliver samples of the land to be used (a sample of about 200 g every 5.000 square meters taken superficially - depth not exceeding 15 cm).

Telephone booking is required for participation.

Before booking it is essential to read carefully the free information documentation that you can receive by filling out the form in the information material section.