Since being founded in 1973, the International Institute of Eliciculture has developed a solid technical-scientific approach aimed at improving the efficiency of natural cycle farms with the objectice of developing a method that would guarantee the maximum productive capacity conjugated to the value of a natural chain.

And like this snail farming has passed 40 years as a marginal, little-known, risky activity (due to the limited knowledge of the biological and zootechnical needs of the mollusc) to a real agricultural activity - which is becoming increasingly more widespread and practiced.

In 1978 the most active group of those who participated in the exchange of information, data and breeding techniques within the Institute founded The National Breeders Association Breeders (ANE), which was immediately associated with A.I.A. (Italian Breeders Association). The aim was to create a network of complete natural cycle snail farmers to ensure the right protection and promote product enhancement initiatives.

The strong work of the Institute and the National Breeders Association has produced concrete results valued by important numbers, which underline the exponential growth of the sector: in Italy in 1980 there were breeding facilities covering a total of 5,000,000 square metres. Thanks to a consolidated annual growth of 10-15% that number became 40,000,000 square meters in 1990, and 115,000,000 in 2016.

Over this period of time, the Institute, alongside ANE, has provided constant commercial support to all those who have entered the livestock world - due to the structure being guaranteed on the harvest and placement of product from the Italian farming market.