The Cherasco Snail Method Academy (Accademia Chiocciola Metodo di Cherasco) is a project that is finally coming true to those whose aim was to realize an innovative idea.

For some years we have been nurturing the dream of an adequate space for research and development projects concerning heliciculture which provides high-level training and offers educational sessions for children and cooking classes for adults.

The idea grew from the awareness that the world of heliciculture was in great need of renewal: some technical operations needed to be reconsidered in order to make the work in the fields compatible with current needs, to perfect certain techniques, to develop new business opportunities, and to take advantage of various means of communication in order to adequately illustrate the quality of our products.

One of our wishes was to remain in Cherasco, to some extent for the sense of belonging that is so gratifying and reassuring to us, but above all to pay homage to our history.

After some research, the best possible option has materialized: a large space in the city center, supported by an accommodation facility that justifies our ambitious plans.







Innovative breeding

with natural migration 

A project aimed at training future snail breeders and at providing education about the natural migration practice, i.e., the breeding technique that overcomes the distinction of the reproduction and the fattening stage with two different enclosures.


Greenhouse breeding

for nothern countries

An innovative project that facilitates indoor breeding yet is still in accordance with the natural methodology. Project designed for countries with winter temperatures ranging from -15 °C to -28 °C.


Innovative Project

Storage modules

Creation of storage areas for snails undergoing slime extraction by means of the MullerOne machine.

Operculum module

Creation of a structure for the containment of Helix Pomatia and Aperta snails for the creation of operculum caps. The Helix Aperta and Pomatia type snails share a characteristic that makes them particularly appreciated by consumers but also by the market, which, due to the simple rule of "supply and demand", recognizes them with a higher economic value. The characteristic is to do the so-called "operculum", or to seal the shell shell with a solid slime and then to remain in a state of "hibernation". This process, natural and extremely fascinating, is due to the fact that the "Pomatia" and the "Aperta" are snails with a very short life expectancy and, through this stratagem, manage to escape a fate of rapid deterioration prolonging their duration up to 6 months. Following a series of analyzes and field tests, it was possible to identify an effective model of structure to achieve this goal.



Small breeding farm intended to raise children’s interest in the breeding process and in seasonal vegetation.

The Cherasco Snail Method Academy aims to promote an educational project aimed at children in elementary and middle schools, aimed at the knowledge of the snail world and the declinations of its products. The cornerstones on which we intend to elaborate the training offer are the concepts of Happiness and Slowness, concepts that become a perspective to interpret life and to develop the taste of savoring the important moments that mark its time.


Snail Garden

The workshop is dedicated to children from the last year of Asylum up to the last year of the Secondary School which with their own hands will experiment in a playful and natural context the ABC of the heliciculture.

The following contents will be developed within two hours.

Walking under the earth

An instructive walk, guided by an expert to see and understand where they live and what the snails eat.

Snail Garden, you're mine and I'll build you

Children have at their disposal a jute basket, some earth, the necessary vegetation and a snail. With the learning by doing method they realize the garden of the snail.

Little snail I'll take you to my house

Each child chooses his own snail to be put in the Snail garden to bring it home.


Cook Slowly

The workshop is dedicated to children from the last year of Asylum up to the last year of the Secondary School which with their own hands will experiment in a playful and natural context the ABC of the heliciculture.

The following contents will be developed within two hours.

La FricChiocciola

My dear little snail, I put you in a sandwich

Semi-sweet sandwich stuffed with snails omelette

Stage of execution:


Collection of vegetables in the Garden of snails: each child with a basket will be accompanied in the Garden of snails for the harvest of vegetables that will be used in making the omelette. In the garden will be explained the virtues of plants collected in the diet of the snail, the food benefits for humans, the possible uses in the kitchen


Children will realize with creativity, slowness and freedom the omelette following the recipes in which they will be guided.


Each child will be provided with a milk roll with a spiral decoration composed of poppy seeds, in order to remember the snail’s shell, and will be able to stuff it and flavor it at will.

The FricChiocciola will compose the basket that each participant can take home.

The LumaCake

make your snail beautiful, decorate your biscuit

Each child will be provided with a snail-shaped shortbread biscuit previously made. Will also be made available all the tools useful for the decoration with colored sugar paste and introduced some basic techniques.

The LumaCake will complete the basket.


Cooking Courses

Cooking lectio to approach or deepen the knowledge of the snail as a gastronomic product and, under the guidance of an expert cook, learn to enhance it through tasty recipes with which to amaze your friends.


Match Wine and Snail

The best wine pairings with different types of snails. How does match snail with wine? Which wine with the Cherasco Snail excellence? The consistencies of the meat of the genus Helix (Maxima, Muller, Pomatia) and their types of traditional seasoning as they are combined with white, red and sparkling wines.


Cuddles and Snails

Wellness treatments, revitalizing anti-age facial treatments, draining legs and anti-cellulite treatments. A window to allow yourself an hour of relaxation in a pleasant and welcoming environment and discover the incredible benefits of products based on pure snail slime.